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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: If I register before the schedule is released and later realize it doesn’t fit with our family's schedule, can I get a refund?

A: We will be able to refund you, there will be a $25 admin fee that will not refunded


Q: If my child is not enjoying the sport and quits the team, can I get a refund?

A: No, if anyone signs up for the team, they must pay the fee and if they quit the payment is nonrefundable. 


Q: My child is unable to attend either of the tryouts. Can they still be considered for the team?

A: If a student does not attend either tryout then they will not be placed on a team. If there is room on our B team or Redshirt team (football only) then we may be able to place them on that team. Only if there are vacancies on the team


Q: My child won’t be able to attend one practice each week. Can they still be on the team?

A: They will be able to stay on the team but attendance is a factor when it comes to playing time on an A team. B team players will get equal playing time. 


Q: What is the difference between the “A” and “B” teams?

A: The A team is a competitive team where playing time is given to those who show up to all practices and games on time and make the most contribution. Attitude and effort as well as performance will be evaluated when deciding playing time. In addition to these attributes, what is needed in a specific game or circumstance will be considered. All players contribute to the team regardless of how much they play. While no playing time is guaranteed it is every coach's goal to get players in.


On B teams, playing time will be equally balanced provided that players have a good attitude, make a good effort and attend team events. This is a competitive program looking to develop all players on and off the court. Participating on a team is a privilege and we expect all players to respect their teammates and coaches by attending all practices and games.


Q: Why are Central and TL combined for most of the sports?

A: This is a district decision based on the experience of SCSD over the past decade. This has already been in place for several years with Flag Football and Soccer and allows SCSD to be more competitive (as even combined our school size would rank #7 of the 10 teams we compete against), provide better coaches, better access to facilities and allows the programs to be more sustainable into the future with higher quality experiences for all.


Q: Who will the coach be for my child’s team?

A: Depends on which team they make. 


Q: What equipment is provided by Legarza and what equipment is required for the athletes to provide for each sport?

Flag Football: Students need to have cleats

Cross Country: Students need to have running shoes 

Volleyball: We provide everything(Unless students want knee pads or elbow pads)

Basketball: Students need to have basketball shoes

Soccer: Students need to have cleats and shinguards 

Track & Field:  Students need to have running shoes 

Tennis:  Students need to have running shoes and racket


Q: What events do they play in track & field?

A: Long jump, triple jump, high jump, shot put, discus


Q: Do you need to have the medical forms before practice begins?

A: Medical forms are required for all athletes and must be turned in prior to the first game/meet in order to be eligible to play. 


Q: Do you need a new medical form each year?

A: Medical forms are good for 16 months

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