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6th-8th Grade



Everyone that registers will make the team!


We are looking for parent volunteers to help with Track Meets - if you are available to help please email or call 415-334-3333.


PLEASE NOTE FOR THIS SPORT: Some practices may be off campus due to limited field space at the schools.


This Co-Ed Track & Field team will compete inter-scholastically in the ADAL against other local schools. The league ranges from schools in Half Moon Bay/San Mateo and goes as far South as Palo Alto.


Practices will be 1-2 times per week beginning in early April and meets will be 1-2 times per week beginning in mid April.


The season will run through the end of May. Each player will get a RENTAL school uniform. If you/your student damages, loses or neglects to return the uniform, you will then be charged a $50 replacement fee. 

If you have 2 players please select a Quantity of 2 at checkout.


*Coupon codes may not be applied toward any middle school sport registration fees*


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