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ARROYo, CHarter, and Mariposa BASKETBALL

The San Carlos School District is partnering with Legarza Basketball to offer a fun intramural-style basketball program for 4th and 5th grade girls and boys. There will be separate boys’ and girls’ teams(Pending Enrollment) and all teams will meet at least 2 times a week. Games will happen both within the same school teams and between the three different schools. During the regular season school teams will only play against other school teams at there home gyms. Once the regular season is over we will then have playoffs where the different school teams will play each other at possibly other schools gyms. Exact practice times will be determined soon, but the first session will begin the week of March 17th and run through late May.


Coach: It is likely Legarza will hire an independent contractor coach, that is screened by DOJ & FBI to coach this team. 


Uniform: Each Participant will be given a rental uniforms for matches. We ask this uniform is kept in good shape and returned at the end of the season. If the uniform is not returned and/or in similar condition there will be a $60 replacement and administrative fee.


Scholarships: Available by request. Please call 415-334-3333, email, or use our live chat to inquire about qualifying.


Fees: There will be an addition registration charge that can be found down below. 


*Coupon codes may not be applied toward any middle school sport registration fees*


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