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We are excited for our 2023-24 season!


Please note we will create one A team and one B team for all of SCSD schools for each of the following team sports: VOLLEYBALL, FLAG FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, & SOCCER.

This has already been in place for several years with Flag Football and Soccer and allows SCSD to be more competitive (as even combined our school size would rank #7 of the 10 teams we compete against), provide better coaches, better access to facilities and allows the programs to be more sustainable into the future with higher quality experiences for all!


Practices and games will be split as evenly as possible among both sites and some events will be at other locations (as has been done for years with soccer, flag football and other sports). 


CROSS COUNTRY, TRACK & FIELD, & TENNIS will still hold 1 team per school (CMS & TL/C) and continue as they have in year’s passed.

2023 - 2024 Season news


Legarza Sports is excited to partner with San Carlos School District in middle school athletics. As  partners, we hire coaches, hold tryouts, work with other athletic directors in the area, and create team schedules to ensure a smooth and exciting season for everyone.

Please be sure to register in advance, as registration is required for participation in middle school athletics. If you are in need of a scholarship for one of the programs, please do not hesitate to contact us or your school principal. In our 30 years of operation we have held true to our philosophy of including all athletes regardless of financial means.

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