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Team Schedules

Program Information

Tryouts: It is recommended that all players attend both tryout days. However, only attendance at one of the tryouts is mandatory.

Team Expectations: There will be 12-14 girls assigned to the "A" team and 12-14 will be assigned to the "B" team.


ADAL League: Girls will compete inter-scholastically in the ADAL against other local schools. The league ranges from schools in Half Moon Bay/San Mateo to Palo Alto. Please use this link to access all ADAL locations and addresses.

Coach: It is likely Legarza will hire an independent contractor coach who is screened by DOJ & FBI to coach this team.

Season Schedule: Practices will be 1-3 times per week beginning in early September. Games will be 1-2 times per week starting in mid-September. A preliminary 2-week schedule will be released on at the beginning of September. We will post the final season schedule online once the game schedule is released to us by the ADAL. All events will take place between school letting out and 9pm Monday-Thursday. (We try to schedule as much as possible right after school lets out, but cannot accommodate all teams all the time.) The season will run through the first week of November.

Uniforms: Each player will get a RENTAL school uniform. If you/your student damages, loses or neglects to return the uniform, you will then be charged a $50 replacement fee that we will automatically take from your payment information used to register.


Fees: There will be an additional $25 administrative cost for all registrations after first meeting.

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