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Boys Volleyball

San Carlos School District

Team Schedule

Program Information

Boys in 6-8th grade are welcome to join our combination SCSD volleyball team this coming spring. The program is a great introduction to the sport and lead by one of our most experienced volleyball coaches. 


EXPECTATIONS - 10-12 players will be put on the "A" team and 10-12 will be put on the "B" team. 

TRYOUTS - Attending both days of tryouts are recommended, attending one day is required. Tryout dates will be on Tuesday, 03/26 at Central Middle School. The tryout will take place at 3:45 and go until 4:45 PM. 

Practices will be 1-2 times per week beginning in late March and meets will be 1-2 times per week beginning in early April. All events will take place between school letting out and 8pm Monday-Friday (we try to schedule as much as possible right after school lets out, but cannot always accommodate due to gym/field reservations and coach's availability). We expect that the practice location will alternate between both TL/C and CMS. The season will run through the end of May.


UNIFORMS - Each player will get a RENTAL school uniform. If you/your student damages, loses or neglects to return the uniform, you will then be charged a $50 replacement fee.


MEDICAL CLEARANCE / PARENT CONSENT FORMS - All players must have a completed SCSD Clearance form completed and submitted prior to the first practice. Families may submit the completed forms via email to or they mat be turned into the school’s front office The form may NOT be submitted without an official doctor’s star. The form stays valid for 16 months. Here is a link to the clearance form

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